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Nigerian No.1 Laptop "SWAP" Centre Site.

Exchanging OLD Laptop For New or Better Ones.

On this site we provide information on how to Exchange your OLD Laptop for New or Better Ones. Also share information with our numerous customers on how to grow their business.

For visiting this site please downloads our Free Report on How to make 200k selling used Tokunbo Laptop @

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Introducing "Product Blueprint" a complete manual on How To Generate Consistence Income Creating, Packaging & Selling Information Product In 9JA

If you are looking towards starting your own business, to jump out and follow your dreams, you must understand that your success depends on you. You will be faced with a lot of adversity and obstacles. How you face each challenge will determine whether you can push through.

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The 1-20 subscribers will have this book for a gift of any amount, After which it will cost =N= 7, 500 plus all the bonuses.

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Buy 17" LCD Monitor +DELL Desktop Computer GX240, 80gb, 1gig Ram +UNIVERSAL MODEM 4just N27, 999 & get 1CPU Free. Download New Price List @



From 2015 Every 1st FRIDAY - Buy HP, TOSHIBA, ACER, DELL, Futjisu, NEC, etc. (Tokunbo) Laptop – Pm / Dual 20GB-80GB, 512MB – 1 gig, DVD-Rom. Get a difference of =N=5,000 on Your Purchase for that day. ONLY For 1-10 Customers; first come first serve basis – Act Now! Call any of our numbers below for your booking number. Terms and conditions applies


Are You Spending Time And Money To Repair Your Old LAPTOP? STOP Now! Exchange It For New Or Better Ones.

If You would like to receive frequent product update and current price list delivered to your mail, kindly e-mail “Current Update” to Now! To know the latest Device on Laptop and other Computer products.

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Do you have the financial capacity to buy BRAND NEW HP Compaq Presario Core i5 worth =N= 158,000 that comes with 2.2GHZ speed, 4gig, 500HDD, Bluetooth, Webcam, Memory card slot, DVD-RW, Wireless, Touch screen etc.

If so, you're welcome on board

Many people might want something, but only few will be willing to buy and pay for it, because others don’t have the financial strength.

And in this day of High Technology, you need computer to be on the Internet either Desktop or Laptop you MUST buy one. And when you’re buying, buy from us, you have the advantage of Exchanging it For Better Ones when latest (New) Technology is out.

If you have an existing Laptop you would like to upgrade or SWAP for better ones call us now (on 08033879531 or 08125777024) you may describe your existing Laptop configuration, picture and present status, send via email or whatsApp +2347081696734 on your smart phone, after which, we can negotiate on type of Laptop you would like to pick from our shelf including price(s).

Or better still let us give you affordable Laptop HP, DELL, ACER or TOSHIBA etc. (Brand new) that comes with warranty; features include 2.0 GHz, 2gig, 200gb-HDD, Bluetooth, Webcam, DVD-RW, Wireless fully loaded with window 7 or window 8 @ a lower cost of =N=74,500 etc.



How Can I Swap?

Simply Come to Our Workshop with Your Old Laptop For Evaluation/Assessment To Know The Price Value Of Your Old Laptop. Thereafter, Select the Brand You Wish to Swap With, Then Balance up the Price difference. If we don't have your choice Laptop, You are Free to make a choice either to sell to us or hold on till we have your desire Laptop. For example, if your OLD LAPTOP valued N15k. And the price value for a New HP dv6000 cost N75k (You are free to find out price detail from any store before swapping your Laptop) that means you balance with the sum of N60k. For used ones who's price is N30k that means you pay N15k price difference.

Does It comes with Warranty?

Yes, warranty duration depend on type of purchase. Used ones is different from Brand new.

What Is The Requisite For Swap?

Prove of Ownership, Valid Receipt, National ID Card & International Passport

Do I Need To Come In Person?

You May send a representative or send detail of your Laptop to with pictures for negotiation on price value before coming

Can I Invite Others?

Yes, You can invite as many as possible.



Download detail here @


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Recently I thought about working on Video Tutorial to ease the burden of coming from your location to my office to format your Laptop. So I put up this Amateur Video to help you repair your OS-Operating System in case of damage.

You may download the free version FREE

Download Video Tutorial On How To Format Your Laptop (OS)Go to copy & paste (Amateur Video Free Version)


Reseller Special Offer!!!

For those interested in making Extra CASH or Earning a Living selling used UK/US Computer to Schools, Churches, Mosque, Private & Public Institutions.

Partner with us today & buy at a Discounted Rate of 15% on BULK purchase ONLY.

Individual interested in UNIT should call us for better bargain if you intend to be our regular.

Then you can sell with maximum profit. Download NEW PRICE LIST Here @ and Call me for negotiation and specifications of your choice Laptops.

You are guarantee for better prices.I will give you your desire product at a discounted rate.

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New Arrival !!! LAPTOPS (UK/US Used). HP, TOSHIBA, ACER, DELL, P4, PM, DUO CORE, CORE2-40GB-320GB - HDD, 1gig Ram, DVD-ROM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Web Cam. From N17,999.

For Order Placement Please Use Any Of Below A/C Number

Accesscitygate Union bank Plc A/C 0003266437

Babatunde Fagboyo GTB a/c No. 0158166882

Babatunde Fagboyo UBA a/c No. 2001423541

For other enquiry Please Don't Hesitate To Call or visit our Head office @ 45, Ladipo street Opp. Access Bank PLC Matori, Lagos – Nigeria. Email: or Call any of these numbers 08188688766, 08125777024, 08033879531.

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